Dare 2 Dream Motorsports is Headed to Blytheville, AR for the Pro Solo Season Opener

Three of the team members of Dare 2 Dream Motorsports will be traveling to Blytheville, AR this Thursday for the 2015 Pro Solo Season Opener. After a long off season of working on the STF Class Mini, Jeremy, Jessica and Adam will be taking advantage of the early season start to see just how well the Mini will perform with the changes made.

Adam and Jessica will both be participating in their first Pro Solo ever while at Blytheville. From talking with them they are both excited and a bit nervous as to what their first Pro Solo will bring. Jeremy will be back at his favorite type of Solo event.

A Pro Solo event has some added excitement with a Drag Racing type start from a tree and you compete alongside another driver on a course mirrored on the other side. As you race closer to the finish you can see your competitor and just how you are doing compared to them. When you both finish the course you swap sides and race each other again.


Edit: Unfortunately this event was canceled due to weather, but the team will be at the rescheduled event May 1-3.

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