Rain or Shine: KCR Event #1 Starts with a Splash

Team Dare 2 Dream showed up undeterred by the weather on Sunday morning. The gloomy skies opened up and sent rain – heavy, wet drops of rain – pelting down to us. Drivers and spectators alike found shelter from the storm in their cars. Those poor souls who were out walking the course, or mid-way through car prep, had to hurry up and enter their shelter sogging wet.

The rain did deter some racers, which meant more runs for us! After a short delay to let the storm roll past, we started the year’s first driver’s meeting and were excited to see the sun shining. Heat 1 drivers would initially think they got the short end of the straw, as they had to drive through the puddles that hadn’t dried up yet. But Heat 2 would have to deal with dropping temperatures and the remaining puddles.

Two of the Dare 2 Dream drivers pushed the cars too far and spun out on course, whether it was due to wet conditions or overly aggressive driving is yet to be determined. Undeterred, however, all team drivers had at least one good run and trophied in their class. PAX results are as follows: Jeremy – 4th, Doug – 5th, Lance – 24th, Adam – 28th, and Jessica 51st.  While there is room for improvement, it felt good to dust off our helmets, strap into our race seats, and just drive. Here is to hoping for a safe and fun season.


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