Team Dare2Dream Prepares for Test & Tune and Event #1 in Kansas City

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Usually the alarm going off so early on a weekend makes one want to throw their alarm clock across the room and bury their heads under the pillows. But not this weekend. It’s race weekend!

Knowing Team Dare2Dream, some of them were already awake when their alarms went off in anticipation of the first local event for the Kansas City Region SCCA. Some of them were already awake because they stayed up all night to get their car race ready. Some of them slept through the night, dreaming of cones and concrete, and were happy when their alarm went off so they could make their dreams a reality. Rise and shine, it’s racing time!

All of the team will be out this weekend. Jeremy, Doug, Adam and Lance will be putting their winter work to the test as they drive through the Test & Tune Event today, April 11. Jeremy, Doug, Adam, Lance, Jessica and Donna will be at Event #1 tomorrow, April 12, to officially kick of the KCR Season. Hopefully the weather cooperates. It is supposed to be a beautiful day today, but scattered thunderstorms and rain are rolling in for Sunday. Rain or shine, we are excited to go racing. But if you want to do an extra anti-rain dance for the team, we would greatly appreciate it!

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