Trials & Triumphs at the Test & Tune

Team Dare2Dream took to the course at the Kansas City Region Test & Tune to knock off some dust, test out their cars, and fine tune their setup for the 2015 season.

Adam, driving his 1999 Mazda Miata, was getting a feel for his new sway bar and testing out tire pressures between runs. He kept finding time throughout the day, as he dropped over 2.5 seconds from his first run. Adam found his fastest time of 49.451 on his 6th run and challenged it with his final run of 49.259, but he clipped a cone. He finished 2nd in the E Street class, a mere 0.366 seconds behind 1st place.


Lance, driving his 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS “Barney”, was reveling in his vamped up race car. Over the winter, “Barney” underwent major surgery, as the plush stock interior was ripped out and replaced with race seats in front and a 4-point bar – riding in “Barney” has become a lot safer but still just as much fun. Lance was also testing out different tire pressures between runs. “Barney” may be big, but he had just as many clean runs as the other cars. Lance hit a couple of cones throughout the day, but he makes driving a big car through tight courses seem easy. He also had a nice improvement of over 2 seconds from his first run to his fastest run. Lance had his fastest run on his second to last run with a 48.206 and challenged it with his last run of 48.010 but a cone got in the way. He finished 2nd in the Classic American C class, just 0.275 seconds from 1st place.

Doug tested out his 2014 Ford Fiesta ST on a Solo course, as he had already driven it for Rally Cross this year. He stayed busy make small changes here and there, testing out tire pressures, and was happy with how well the car did being completely stock. Doug started out with a bang as he hit 3 cones on his first run and added 12 seconds to his raw time on his second run. Maybe the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet? He followed up with four strong runs and his fastest time of 49.393 putting him in 2nd place.


Jeremy drove his 2008 Mini Cooper for the second time this year. Most of the kinks were worked out at the Solo event in Salina two weeks ago. He was also able to drop time throughout the day and finished in 1st place with a best time of 46.697.


Jeremy’s 46.697 was the 3rd fastest raw time of the day and the top PAX time. All of our drivers finished strong in PAX: Doug finished 5th, Adam took 12th, and Lance finished 13th. All in all, it was a successful start to the season, and we will be back out on course today for Event #1!

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