Jeremy Finishes Strong at Spring Nationals

Friday, Day 1 of the Spring Nationals ProSolo, was dry. Jeremy was figuring out the course during his first runs since he hadn’t had a chance to walk the course yet. He finished the heat 3rd out of the 5 drivers. He found his fastest time on the right side, 44.010, during second runs and bumped Adam Deffenbaugh out of 2nd place to end the day.

Saturday, Day 2 of the ProSolo, was a little wet which Jeremy didn’t mind as it took the edge away from the cars with a lot of power.  He found his fastest time on the the left side, 44.4394, during final runs. He finished in 2nd place with a combined time of 88.404, just 0.681 off of David Whitener’s 1st place finish.

spring 3

Jeremy was just shy of making the Super Challenge but his name was drawn for the Bonus Challenge. Race after race, he was able to improve on his previous times more than his challengers and would go on to win the Bonus Challenge!


The Champ Tour started off with wet conditions Sunday morning, but by the time STF took the track the cement had dried. Jeremy kept the momemtum going from his Bonus Challenge win as he held the lead for all 3 runs on day 1. His fastest time, 63.826, came on the last run of the day. This was a 3.048 second improvement from his first run.

Monday was a dry day on track, so Jeremy was worried the more powerful cars might be able to find time and challenge his lead. He found his fastest time of the day on run 2 with a 62.759. Kim Whitener in her 2002 Honda Civic was able to use more of the power and beat his day 2 time by .217 seconds. However, he held on to the lead with his combined time of 126.585, a 0.499 second lead.

spring 4

Jeremy had a great weekend racing and hanging out with friends. He came home with some nice hardware and a few contingency prizes as well. As if racing wasn’t fun enough, winning is the icing on the cake!


Photos courtesy of Jeremy Salenius

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