Lincoln Spring Nationals has Jeremy Doing his No-Rain Dance

Rain, rain go away

Come again on a weekday

Let the sun shine bright for racing days

And keep the rain clouds at bay.


Jeremy doesn’t know it yet, but this is the song he will be singing in his head while he does his no-rain dance this weekend in Lincoln, NE. He is 50/50 in 2015 for wet vs. dry race days, and would love to have more dry days. Unfortunately, the forecast for his 4-day weekend in Lincoln reinforces his 50/50 status. The chance of rain is slim Friday and Saturday which translates into fast, dry times for the ProSolo. However, chances for rain increase Sunday and Monday and may turn his Champ Tour soggy.

Sun or rain, Jeremy will be racing – so he will be happy regardless. We will keep you posted as to how he is doing and whether his no-rain dance pays off!


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