Team Dare 2 Dream Out in Full Force at KCR Event #5

The entire team was out at the autocross site at Metropolitan Community College for Kansas City Region Event #5. Marking the first time the whole team had made an event since the first race Kansas City Region race at MCC. What started out as a cloudy morning with sprinkles (the wet kind that makes the track wet – not the colorful sugary kind that tops ice cream), turned into a great day for racing. The sun broke through the clouds and a cool breeze rolled across paddock. It was the perfect weather to drive – warm enough that the tires would stick, cool enough that the car wouldn’t overheat.

The course was a fast-then-slow array of long segments to gain speed, sweepers to carry speed, and hairpin turns and narrow offsets to break up the speed. It drove much smoother than it walked, but it is courses like this that make me miss Chocolate Betty, our last race car. She was a Mini Cooper S and could recover from the hard breaking points much faster with her more powerful turbo engine. The course forced you to look ahead through the tight turns, which is a skill I can always improve on, and focus on your breaking points.

Jessica easily led her class as she was the only class competitor. However, she has consistently surpassed last year’s goal of finishing within 5 seconds of Jeremy. She was  4.394 seconds behind Jeremy this event and is steadily gaining.

Lance had stiff competition in the CAM C class, and finished 4th. He had his fastest time of 49.793 on his first run and tried to find more time to no avail. There was only .212 seconds separating all 4 drivers.

Doug also finished with his fastest run right off the line. He dropped a 50.357 clean run, and pushed every run after that hard to find more time. He may have pushed too hard as he picked cones and even a DNF on all remaining runs. Regardless, his first time was fast enough to hold the lead by 0.972 seconds.

Adam had to battle for his class win, as fellow racer Todd Hesskamp held the lead for the first 3 runs. Adam continued to find time, but it wasn’t until the final run that he edged out Todd Hesskamp for the lead by 0.297 seconds. Adam’s first win over Todd.

Jeremy also won his class, but the real battle for him was for top PAX time of the day. Heat 3 had several strong contenders who would end up taking the top 4 PAX positions. Every one of these racers pushed the line and the rev limiter to find time each run. Jeremy found the time on run 4 but also found 4 cones. He ended up finishing 3rd out of 126 drivers in PAX.



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