Dare 2 Dream Weekly Recap 3/25/16

DSC_0336DSC_0336DSC_0336Hello again everyone. It’s time again for our weekly recap. This last week was quite a good one for the team. Three of our five members were at race events and there are definately some stories to tell.

Starting off with Jeremy and Jessica. If you remember from last weeks recap they were headed down to the 100 Acre Wood Rally in Salem, MO. Their first experience at a Stage Rally. I won’t go over too many details as there is a full article coming out on this soon. However, Things went pretty well for the most part. The racing action was fun, there were a few accidents, but no major injuries and the roads back roads to the spectator viewing areas were pretty fun to drive on. However, the organizers still need to figure out a better way to communicate with the fans who come to watch.

Over in Grain Valley, MO Doug Patterson was running Kansas City Region Rallycross #1. Doug was locked in a close battle for the win in the Prepared FWD all day long. Doug had a lead of about 3 seconds built up over the first 3 runs, but slowly gave time back over the last 6 runs of the day and ended up 1.6 seconds back in 2nd place. Not a bad way to start the season and I’m sure that battle will be going on all season.

FB_IMG_1458790725037Lance was able to draw a little more fame to his Monte Carlo as it was used in the newest addition of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine to go along with an article that was written about the CAM Challenge taking place this year. For the article see page 24 of the magazine.

With only a couple more weeks to go before the season gets started everyone is making their final preperations to the cars for the seaon. Except for Jeremy. His ride for the season is 100% stripped to the bare frame. Thankfully it takes just a couple days to put it back togther before the season starts. Jeremy will be co-driving a KM shifter kart with Shawn Hill this year. They have decided to take the whole kart apart and give it a makeover for the season. The picture shows what it looked like before it was taken apart. It will look quite different when it goes back together.FB_IMG_1458920940297

This next week is fairly slow for the team. We don’t have any events going on and will be continuing to prepare for the first event of the year. Keep an eye out for updates on the cars and the event article from the 100 Acre Wood Rally.


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