Dare 2 Dream Weekly Recap 4/21/16

Another great week for the team. Kansas City Region SCCA Event #2 is in the books and there has been quite a bit of development around the Dare 2 Dream Garage. The theme of the weekend for the drivers seemed to be cones. Many cones were caught on camera being hit!

There were 3 of the team members racing at KCRSCCA Event #2. Jeremy Salenius, Doug Patterson and Jessica Dorn were all in attendance and racing at the event. Doug’s battle for the top of HS class was alive and well. He was once again battling Mike Hill for the top time in class. Over the first 3 runs, Doug had the lead in class. However, during the 3rd run Doug found out a sway bar end doug 1link was broken on the front and he could not make his 4th run in the FiST. Like great competitors do, Mike Hill gave Doug the keys to his Mini Cooper so he could complete his final run. He gave it everything he had but wasn’t able to find any time in the borrowed car. Mike Hill was able to find 9 tenths on his final run and took the class win by 5 tenths. That leaves Doug second overall in HS class for year-end points. Doug was able to pull off 11/ 150 overall and is on pace for a top ten year-end PAX place.

Jessica Dorn took a big challenge and drove a brand new car for the first time. She drove Brad Smith’s 1989 Red Devil in the FML class. You read that correctly, FML class! It’s a small open wheel car with a 593cc snowmobile engine on it. She was definitely a little worried about driving the car, as it had a few small issues over the first couple fmod 1events and in general is very different than the Mini she usually drives. She did have a couple small mishaps on course. She had to be pushed back on course to finish one run after she miscalculated how fast she could take the 180-degree turn and drove the car off course. On her final run, she was able to put together a good run as she got a little more comfortable and came off course with a new found joy for the car. She did pretty well in a brand new car and finished 124/150 overall for the event. Respectable for such a different car than she usually drives.

Jeremy Salenius was back in the shifter kart for his second event. Every run was feeling better. This course was definitely a fun one to drive in the kart. The top of 6th gear in the kart is about 84 mph, and there were 2 sections of the course that were very fast and just about used up all of 6th gear. Each run in the kart feels better for him and he isjeremy 1 learning how the kart reacts quickly. Shawn Hill was again co-driving with him as he will the whole year and finished 3/150 overall for the event. Jeremy still has a little bit of a learning curve on the kart and was once again about 1.8 seconds behind Shawn finishing 22/ 150 for the event.

Jeremy, Doug and Jessica will all be at the KS/ KCR MiDiv Event on April 30- May 1.

The majority of the team will be off this weekend getting things ready for the next event. Lance will be the only team member on track this weekend as he is in Iowa at the World Racing League (WRL) Momentum Performance Driving Academy. An High Performance Driving Event where drivers at the top groups can earn their WRL drivers license. Lance has Barney with him and I’m sure he will be providing plenty of information on how the weekend is progressing. Look for updates throughout the weekend.

In the D2D Garage there was quite a bit of progress on the Rat Rod project and the new 420cc Drift Trike. Almost all of the parts have been ordered for the new trike and it is crunch time in order to get it done in time for the KS/ KCR MiDiv event weekend because Jeremy sold the blue trike on Monday. The front end setup is done and we are waiting on a custom cut motor plate in order to start welding up the frame. Once the frame starts coming together and parts start to go on we will be putting pictures on our social media pages.

The Rat Rod project is also starting to get to crunch time. The Hot Rod Power Tour is getting closer and there is still quite a bit to do on the project. This week has marked a couple pretty big milestones for the project. The body has all of the supports welded in for the floorboards and the sheetmetal is already getting mocked up for the floor. The body mounts for the frame are now complete and the body can be bolted down when ready. The brake setup is complete and just needs brake fluid and to be bled in order to function properly. The steering system is being mocked up and should also be completed by the next weekly update. That only leaves bolting in the seat, buttoning up the clutch pedal and master cylinder and the driveshaft and I just might be able to see if it will move under its own power!

Keep an eye out on social media for more updates and pictures!


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