Dare 2 Dream Weekly Recap 4/3/16

We have made it through what is one of the last uneventful weeks for the team until the end of September. Next week racing kicks off for us and we all plan to head out to Kansas City Region SCCA Event 1.

This week Lance was able to wrap up the last of his off-season plans before the season starts. He buttoned up the new rear sway bar for Barney and a header bolt that had been plaguing him since he put the headers in. He had actually lost the bolt while on a drive a few days ago. A new one is now back in and as snug as can be. Hopefully for good. On the other half of his race rig Lance made a few tweaks to the RV that he uses to haul the car to the bigger events. Adjusting the weight around a little bit so he could take some weight off the tongue of the trailer.

Jeremy got many of the items done for the kart overhaul that was decided on a couple weeks ago. The body panels were sent out to his plasti-dipping guy and on Saturday he got them back. The base color is a bright green and carbon fiber dip is laid over top of the green. The panels came out great. Shawn wrapped up the chassis overhaul portion of the build by spraying it in a flat black color. If it isn’t the fastest kart in grid this year it should at least be the best looking kart in grid! Pictures of the kart back together will be put on the site and Facebook page when it is back together.

Doug has been dialed into helping put things together for KCRSCCA Event 1 as he is one of the Event Officials. The event map has been posted and will be shared on our Facebook page soon in case you are interested in seeing it and coming out to watch.

This time next week the recap will have all the drama in it from the first weekend of racing! Oh how we all look forward to being out at the first event! Stay tuned!


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