Dare 2 Dream Weekly Recap4/8/16

It’s that moment we have all been waiting for! The day before race season begins and it seems as though everything is set and ready to go for the season. Well at least for the most part….

lance tow rigI’m sure Lance has had the car on the trailer for the last 2 days already hooked to the tow rig and his alarm set for an early rise at 4am! Because whoever wins the race to the site doesn’t get any cone penalties for the test and tune. Insert eyeroll emoji! Final touches are coming down to the wire with the Mini that Jessica will be driving this year. Jeremy finally got a rough idle and stumbling on throttle issue figured out and the Mini is as strong as ever. A couple suspension tweaks to see if they help out this weekend and throw the racing seats back in are all that is left before it leaves for the site tomorrow morning. Shawn has been thrashing on the Mike Wilson chassis kart that he and Jeremy will be driving this year. Over the last couple days it has gone from a freshly painted bare chassis to what will hopefully be a fully prepared kart later on today! If you don’t remember what the teaser picture of the new color looked like I here is a picture to remind you. Doug’s season green plastics 1preparations for Solo will be the same as they are for any other race he goes to, chuck the jack, tools and wheels into the hatch! Doug will be missing the Test and Tune due to work, but I have a feeling his season preparations are already complete! So far it looks like Adam will unfortunately be missing the Test and Tune and Event 1 this weekend. However, he will be over in St. Louis at Gateway racing his. Hopefully the prep work on his track Miata has gone well.

In other news at the Dare 2 Dream shop, Jeremy is rolling right along with the other projects he is working on. He finally finished up the paint on the square frame trike that he completed putting together a couple months ago! It was just a little too much fun to take apart… However, now that it is finished up it looks great! A nice bright blue on the main frame and a red/white/blue swirl combo on the forks and handlebars to set it apart. Currently it is spoken for, but will be put up for sale if the deal falls through. Such a blue drift trikefun ride! On other trike notes, Jeremy has started gathering parts and building the pieces for the baddest trike to come out of the shop yet! It will be a 420cc engine that sits in front of the rider, a full sport bike front end setup, bobber style seat wider wheels to handle the extra power and a torque converter that should make this trike just fast enough to be unsafe. Thankfully there will be full hydraulic brake setup front and rear in order to slow it down! Pictures and details should be coming from the shop in the next week or so.

The Rat Rod project is getting slightly behind schedule due to being busy with many other things the last couple weeks. However, the list of things to do is shrinking ever so slightly. This week the focus was to get the bracing for the floor, pedals and transmission/ driveshaft tunnels welded up. This is just about finished up and next week the body should be able to come back off so we can button things up on the underside and finish weld the bracing from the underside. Steering components will be next on the bracing 2list as well as finish up the driveshaft. Once that’s done if all goes well it just might be time for it to roll out of the garage under it’s own power! We will just have to see how long it is until that happens. If you don’t remember the goal is to make the Hot Rod Power Tour in June.

Keep an eye out for team updates and pictures from this weekend on our Website, Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s going to be a fun weekend!


EDIT: I have been updated with the fact that Lance will be driving the Monte Carlo to the event this weekend. hopefully things go smooth all the way around!


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