Dare 2 Dream’s First Event Weekend

Everyone on the team had their first event of the year last weekend.  Some team members had a better weekend than others. All 5 cars/ karts were driven this weekend. Four of us were at the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) and Adam was over in St. Louis at Gateway.

FB_IMG_1460505181449Let’s start with Adam. The car was ready and feeling great. It was his first race at Gateway and he was feeling confident. Things were going really well until the last session on Saturday when the engine decided to start a mosh pit and rattle many things up on the inside.  However, he got to take the family to the City Museum and Stephen Johnson let him take his care out for the last session on Sunday so the whole day wasn’t a loss. He is already looking forward to the rebuild and has a few ideas on how to make tweak things and make the car better overall. More on the rebuild as it pans out. His next scheduled race with the road race car is just next month so keep an eye out in the weekly recap series to see just what happens.

Doug didn’t really like his event this weekend either. His Ford Fiesta is back in HS to give everyone a run for their money at the top. He said he didn’t really have his rhythm going this weekend and couldn’t seem to get everything put together in a single run and was .939 behind the leader in the class and finishing second. Not a bad place to start for the season and once the season really gets going I can’t wait to see him D2D-KCR-Solo1_04-10-16_13really take the FiST to the top of HS. Keep in mind that the FiST is still very much under prepared compared to the top cars in HS.

Jeremy’s weekend went pretty well overall. On Saturday at the test and tune he finally had some seat time in this years ride. He is driving Shawn Hill’s 2008 Mike Wilson kart in KM this year. He took about 15 runs and all of them were really just to get the feel of the shifter kart for the first time and to get a little bit comfortable in the seat. By the end of the day 3 things were apparent. 1) The kart was crazy fun. 2) It would have much more of a learning curve than anything else he had ever driven. 3) It was going to leave a lot of bruises…. By the end of D2D-KCR-Solo1_04-10-16_03Saturday he was about 2.7 seconds behind co-driver Shawn Hill. Not a bad place to start the year off. Bring on Sunday, the actual race day, and the kart felt a little better to drive each run. One thing is for sure however, no matter how small the kart is it will still collect cones. It is quite twitchy and will step out if you are not careful it will step way out. On his final run he had a good run going all the way through the finish, but the back of the kart began to slide as he powered through the finish and he collected 4 cones in the slow down chute erasing his best time. His co-driver had the same cone problems however and they were separated by 1.864 seconds when the final results were in. Shawn finishing 3rd overall for the event.

The two real winners from the team however were Lance and Jessica. Both of them made great breakthroughs with their cars this weekend. Lance took all of his offseason engine and suspension modifications and put them to good use. He is back again driving Barney is Monte Carlo in the CAM-C class. During the test and tune on Saturday he was a bit off the pace of the competition, just under a second behind the top car in class. All Saturday night he was trying to figure out what it was that he needed to do in order to improve the car for Sunday. On Sunday when the times counted he was able to put together a run and nail all of the elements on course and out together a time that would D2D-KCR-Solo1_04-10-16_08take the class win. His first class win in about a year finishing .212 seconds ahead of second place. It should be a good battle in CAM-C this year.

Jessica was also at both days this weekend. She is back driving the Mini in STFL to begin the season until she possibly jumps into Brad Smith’s F-Mod car after they get a couple of brake issues figured out. Her big goal for this weekend was to really take advantage of all the power the car makes with the tune and being at full power for as long as possible. Saturday she knocked the rust off and took some took some good strides toward her goal of using up the cars full power potential. On Sunday she really started to get comfortable behind the wheel again and did very well on her third run taking nearly 2 seconds off her time from her 2nd run, but managed to just clip the last cone on D2D-KCR-Solo1_04-10-16_05course. On her fourth run she was able to keep the speed and make a clean run to finish with a time of 46.065. The fastest time in her class and good enough for 48/142 overall. It will be good to watch her improvement this season as she really takes full potential of the car.

Full class results for Jeremy, Lance, Doug and Jessica can be found here. http://www.kcrscca.org/results/solo/2016/2016event1_fin.htm

Full results for Adam will be posted later.

Enjoy a few more pictures from KCRSCCA Event 1!


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