2008 Mike Wilson Chassis/ Bodywork Kart Paint Changes

FB_IMG_1458920940297When Shawn Hill and I decided we were going to be driving together for the 2016 season we both decided that the kart could use a little refresh in paint. I told Shawn that he would take care of the bodywork, while Shawn would take care of painting the chassis.

red kart 2

The kart looked great in the all red to start with, but had been red for a while and Shawn was ready to see some changes. I threw some ideas by him and they both decided that hydrographics would look great on the kart. I had been working with a guy at Fritz Hydrographics for one of the trikes that I had just finished and contacted him in order to get the work done on the bodywork. We decided to go with a bright green base with a carbon fiber hydrographics over top. What a good choice that was, a couple weeks after dropping off the red bodywork pieces I got the call that they pieces green plastics 1were done and ready to be picked up. I met with him and was instantly impressed with how they turned out. In the sun they were so good looking. Nice and bright and really made the kart stand out from everything around it.


chassis 1Shawn ordered the chassis paint and primer and had the chassis stripped down and ready for paint within a few days. After sanding down some of the red chassis color he primed the chassis and painted on the new satin black. A very nice change from the red to the black. Jeremy got all the bodywork pieces over to Shawn shortly after getting the bodywork back. Shawn got everything back together and the new numbers and letters that Kent Edmondson made up for us just in time for the first KCRSCCA Event on April 9th and the kart got a ton of attention during the first event weekend.

black chassis 1kart 1






To enjoy it yourself come on out to one of the Solo events that we will be at this year. For more information contact Jeremy @ Jeremy@dare2dreammotorsports.net

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