Adam Spence

Adam brings the token foreigner to the team, so don’t worry if you don’t understand him straight away (his accent takes some getting used to!). He was born in Reading, UK, but spent the majority of his life next to the seaside in Bournemouth. He has always dreamed of racing but alas it is just too expensive for the average bloke in England.

He has been interested in cars and motorcycles from an early age. He loves working on vehicles as well as driving them. Being from England you might automatically ask him what footy team he supports (perhaps not in racing circles) and his reply is always the same: “If it hasn’t got an engine I’m not interested”.

Adam-WithCarWhilst participating in races was a smidge out of his price range, Adam has been a long time fan of Formula 1 (see if you can work out who he backs from his solo numbers) and attended many races as well as other series such as LeMans 24 hour. Thankfully older cars are cheap in England and to date he has owned at least 19 cars and 7 motorcycles. This “habit” has been made possible mainly thanks to the tremendous depreciation cars face on the English roads (it’s not uncommon to lose 45% a cars value in the first year).

Finally after living in the US for 4 years, life had settled down to the point where he could finally start thinking about amateur motorsports. He started off looking into karting but quickly uncovered the world of AutoCross. Attending his first race meeting in 2014 with his Mustang, he quicly became hooked and soon after purchased a dedicated racing car (1999 Miata #44). Since that point he has attended many Solo race meetings in KC and Nebraska as well as a Chump Car endurance race at High Pains Raceway in Colorado… he has never looked back (Heyward Wagner appreciates this… “look ahead, look ahead, look ahead!”).

During the day, Adam works for Garmin as a Product Architect in a group called Area 51. He would tell us what that means and what projects he works on but he says that if he did, he would have to ask us very nicely not to tell anyone. Suffice to say he thought better of it.

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