Donna Hill

Donna Hill is going to be our honorary team member for 2015! Because she doesn’t know that she didn’t send me a bio about herself. So what I’m going to do is tell you a little bit about what I know about her and the sport.

When I first met Donna and Mike Hill, I was a new SCCA member getting my feet wet, literally. It was at my first Neosho MiDiv event back in 2011, it was pouring rain, and I was finishing getting my car through tech and talking with them about setting my tent up to camp for the night. Donna says “Why don’t you sleep on the couch of the RV?” I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. All you needed to tell me! I wasn’t looking forward to setting my tent up in the rain, let alone camp all night in the cold rain. I would have taken the floor if that’s all that was available!

DonnaScooterIt wasn’t long before I would figure out that Donna was one of the craziest people you will find at an event! And it’s people like her that keep me coming back to events! By crazy I mean one of the most energetic, high energy, stereo turned up, laughing, screaming and just all around having a great time while she is at an event! Her energy feeds to those around her and you start to see more people having fun! I have since then enjoyed getting out of the elements and sleeping in their RV a few different times!

Donna is also one fierce competitor! Her and her car, Sparky, has seen much success. Last year, she was looking for something different for a couple events and she wondered if she could drive our MINI. She joined us for two events and it was great to have her drive with Jessica. They both had a great time and enjoyed every second of co-driving while giggling as they hit cones and flung the MINI around the course! Soon after, talks started about her driving Sexy Betty full-time for 2015. I was sad to get a message a little while after that she was going to have to take some time off of racing, but when whenever she is able to come back she is more than welcome to jump in the MINI or whatever else it is we are driving at that time! Thanks for all the good times that we have had and all the ones to come! Still look forward to seeing you at the events this year!

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