Lance Hamilton

Lance has always been into cars and modifying the cars that he had. He has always been an american muscle guy and has owned many in his past. When Lance got the itch for some racing he began autocrossing with the Kansas City Region SCCA during the 2012 season. At first, he showed up just to see what his car could do and to see if he enjoyed the type of driving it takes to autocross successfully. He was hooked immediately. He ran the full season in 2013 and won the 2013 Kansas City Region Street Modified Championship. Lance-Profile During 2013 he also worked with the Solo Advisory Committee to get the Kansas City Region to add the supplemental Street Machine Class based on the Good Guys rule set, which led to the Classic American Muscle (CAM) Class that the SCCA added as a National class for the 2014 season.

Alongside solo racing with the SCCA, he is also very interested in High Performance Driving Events and other Road Course type outings, particularly the Ultimate Street Car Association events. His true driving joy comes when putting my car through the paces on a large road course. He was also one of the Invitees to the Inaugural Speedway Motors Pro-Solo CAM Challenge at the 2014 Pro Solo Finale and really enjoyed the Pro-Solo format. He looks to do more Pro Solo events in the future as well. Mainly, he just likes driving his car in a competitive venue, and working on making both the car and making himself a better driver.

His schedule for the 2015 is still in the works, there are many out of town events that he would like to attend along with the KC Region’s local events. He just is not certain which ones he will make it to yet. As just a hobbyist driver, like the rest of us, Lance still has to pick and choose carefully where he spends my extra available time and racing dollars, but in his heart he would like to hit them all!

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